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Laurent Di Raimondo

Sworn Expert Translator-Interpreter

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I swear to assist justice, to carry out my mission, to make my report and give my opinion in my honour and conscience.

Oath of French judicial sworn experts

20 years in justice and legal

Intro profile Translate4me Translator English French Laurent Di Raimondo

My name is Laurent DI RAIMONDO and I have been working as an freelance translator since 2019.

I chose to retire from my first job as a solicitor and barrister before French courts, after practising for over twenty years, to devote myself full-time to my passion for translation in the English language, which I had been long practicing for my regular clients.

Quite logically, I have directed my new job as a translator & interpreter towards the field I know the best: justice and legal.

  • Droit bancaire et financierBanking/financial law
  • Fiscalité et comptabilitéTax law; Accounting
  • Brevets et propriété intellectuellePatents; Intellectual property
  • Droit des sociétés et droit des affairesCompany and business law
  • Contrats civils et commerciauxCivil and commercial contracts
  • Droit des procédures civiles et des voies d’exécutionArbitration; Amicable agreements
  • Procédures judiciaires civiles et pénalesCivil and criminal proceedings

A day-to-day commitment for regular clients, both individual and institutional

I practice translation in all its variants, i.e. translation in a general sense, but also post-edition, localization, and interpreting.

I work mainly in legal and judicial matters, on behalf of French and foreign courts, or at the request of legal professionals (such as lawyers, notaries, bailiffs) or individuals.

But I am also involved in many other fields (scientific, academic, medical, construction and real estate, tourism, gastronomy, professional training, sports and leisure…) and on all media (commercial advertisements and materials, web pages, catalogs, articles and magazines, novels, short stories, lectures, commercial and administrative papers/documents, etc).

Contrary to the practice of some of my colleagues, you will not find here references, logos nor trademarks of clients who have entrusted me with their projects, because I am primarily attached to a golden rule: confidentiality.

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    Introduction to
    my professional background

    Graduates Laurent Di Raimondo

    Formation icone Graduates

    1991: Master I Graduate in Private Law and Judicial Careers (Law University, Orléans, France)

    1992: Master II Graduate in Business Law and International/European Law (Law University, Orléans, France)

    1993: Postgraduate Certificate of Lawyer’s Professional (Lawyers School, Poitiers, France)

    Marteau Juge Avocat Laurent Di Raimondo

    Formation icone Lawyer before Courts

    1995 – 2000: Lawyer freelancer

    2006 – 2019: Lawyer executive associate in a Law Firm

    Freelance translator

    Formation icone Freelance translator

    Since 2019: Professional English into French translator and interpreter

    2022: Sworn Expert Translator-Interpreter before French Court

    1991 – 1993

    1995 – 2019

    Since 2019

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