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The art of translating is not just about returning one language to another language word for word. The aim is to restore the best the spirit of the original document (called the source text) without distorting the sense, in order to make it completely intelligible and fluid in the mother tongue of any native speaker (called the target text).

Being bilingual is not enough, the translator must first and foremost be fully proficient in his mother tongue and be able to identify all the nuances and subtleties. But he must also be able to capture these same nuances and subtleties from the original document in order to reproduce them as faithfully as possible.

Unlike the famous Italian adage, translatore traditore [“translator, traitor”], translating is not betraing: it is exactly the opposite…

What Günter Grass used to sum up in a few words: “Translation changes everything so that nothing changes.”



The art of interpretation differs from the art of translation.

Interpreting a foreign language is about delivering the oral and instant (or almost) version of a written translation, but with the same qualities as a translator. Interpretation is the art of orality, while translation is the art of writing.

While written translation allows the translator to take the time to refine his work, interpretation is most often immediate and must be perfect at the first stage. There is no question here of going back, deleting, correcting or improving whatever… What is translated once is translated once and for all!

So interpreting is a completely different art of exercise.

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Post-edition consists to revise and redraft a very first written translation, usually performed by a computer-assisted translation (CAT) software as there are many on the market.

But the machine, even the most advanced one in the world, will never replace the human translation from given mother tongue to another with all its nuances and subtleties, even for a simple recipe of cooking…

It is also the work of the translator to take over that of the machine, which can do a lot but not everything.



The boundary between localization and translation is subtle, but those are two different services

Localization means going beyond pure and simple literal translation, by instilling a cultural and local dimension from the original country in accordance with the end-country.

For example, the title of a novel or a foreign movie is not translated word for word, but most often by taking into account local, cultural, social or sometimes political data and contexts.

The aim of all these necessary adaptations is to take into account all local sensitivities, to avoid any conflict with local cultures/customs which may be totally unknown or inappropriate in the given end-country.

This is mostly the case with multimedia games, computer software, but also with websites, travel brochures or tourist guides, or with foreign products brands, such as perfume or car brands, whose slogans/advertisements are initially designed for their original country and audience.

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